The Tanzanite Pendant

The tanzanite gemstone has had an exciting journey over the last three weeks. Starting in the mine in Tanzania, it headed over to our cutter Alexander Kreis in Germany. After Alexander completed his bespoke, artisan cutting he sent it over the UK and it landed safely in our gallery in North Nottinghamshire.

David designed a unique pendant which Giles has expertly made, and the pendant then popped down to Bath for a professional photoshoot! It arrived back in the gallery in the middle of the week, and today we received a stunning compass case from Stow for the pendant to embark on its next adventure.

Rona leaves the UK on Sunday, bound for Ethiopia and Tanzania. The pendant will be reunited with its home country and accompany Rona as she and Charlie Engle make their way to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The final leg of the journey sees the pendant coming home to the UK where it will be placed on sale in the gallery. A portion of the sale price will be donated to the D3 charity, set up by our COO, Rona, to support people pursuing innovative and creative dreams.

To find out more about the pendant’s journey, join Rona on Instagram @D3_IT and on the D3 website¬†

From concept.
To reality.