Our Commitment to Sustainability

Gold in the casting machine ready to be melted down
Spoil heaps show where mining is in full flow

At David Fowkes Jewellery every effort is made to run a sustainable and ethically driven operation. We do our best in the following ways!

All of our packing is made from materials which can be re used and re cycled.

Where it is possible for us to influence processes, we aim to reduce our environmental impact in the supply of our raw materials

Most of our rough gem material is sourced directly from the miners themselves or from their representatives. Where we can, we aim to reduce exploitation and any potential for conflict gems to enter the marketplace. These rough gems are then cut and finished in one location before being purchased directly by us.

When sourcing bullion we prefer to engage with suppliers who offer 100% re cycled gold. We are aiming to use more Fair Trade gold, but as yet the diversity of product does not equate to satisfying the demands of our designs. This is something we are working on and will look towards in time to come.

Investment in equipment has enabled us to specialise in the reinvention of old jewellery. Whether it be inherited, broken or simply unloved, we reuse existing bullion to create pieces fit for the modern age. This practise negates the need for invasive mining techniques used in the extraction of new bullion.

Through investment in both modern technology and the employment of age-old techniques, we have complete autonomy over both the quality and the consistency of our work. This means that we drastically reduce the need to outsource and consequently we reduce our individual carbon footprint.

Any waste created by our production processes is sorted in our workshops and disposed of in as green a way as possible. To this end, although essential for some processes, we keep chemical use to a minimum also.

These are just a few examples that demonstrate our commitment to both our environment and the world of jewellery. Over time we hope to do even more to protect our collective world.