Lifting Lockdown

Hello friends,
It has been lovely to re-open the gallery and I have enjoyed meeting with many friendly faces over the last two weeks. We have held exciting discussions about a range of commissions and I have really enjoyed designing new pieces of jewellery.
I appreciate that emerging from lockdown can be a daunting time for those of us who have been in our homes for nearly 100 days. I returned to work having considered a raft of precautions and I now feel more comfortable wearing a mask and gloves for what used to be normal, everyday tasks.
Over the last few days, the soaring temperatures have seen some of the general public flocking to enjoy public spaces. I realise that this might make people nervous at the lack of social distancing we have witnessed and the potential risk of spreading Covid-19. If you are starting to consider venturing back outside, a trip to somewhere like Thoresby Park might be a good idea. We have a very large car park where social distancing is easily achievable. The grounds are large and currently relatively quiet, so a gentle stroll outside can be enjoyed without risk of coming into close contact with others. And I would love to welcome you into the gallery – not to discuss a particular commission, just to say hello and enjoy your company. I am booking in 30 minutes slots for our friends to pop into our clean gallery, enjoy a conversation (albeit it a little muffled by my mask!) and for us to start to reconnect with our community.
This week we are open from 10am on Wednesday 1st July through to 4pm on Saturday 4th July. During the day our doors are locked to ensure safety, only being opened to pre-booked clients. I wear a mask and gloves and we do advise clients to wear similar where possible. Hand sanitiser is available, and in between appointments the communal surfaces, handles and any jewellery touched are fully sanitised.
If you would like to arrange to meet me, please do get in touch via email at enquiries@davidfowkes.com. I’d love to see you again.
We hope you continue to stay safe and well.
Kind regards,
David and the DFJ Team

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