Pink tourmaline and diamond ring commission

A Fulfilled Promise: Cheryl Stollery

Friday 8 March, 2019

Cheryl Stollery and her husband, John, often visited Thoresby Court Yard and admired the inspiring designed jewellery displayed by David Fowkes Jewellery. Due to the pressures of time, commitment to family life and not least forgetting the pressures of their professions, they never got any further than gazing through the window and promising each other that one day one of those beautiful pieces would be theirs.

They had a loving family life together. All their dreams and aspirations were for the support of their small but unique family: to enjoy life and grow old together.

Those plans, dreams and aspirations where shattered in June 2015 when, on an overseas family holiday, Cheryl’s precious husband was killed in a terrorist attack. Along with thirty-eight others, and many more who became victims and witnessed that atrocity, their lives changed that day, forever.

Over the past three years, Cheryl has worked to keep her husband’s legacy alive and make some of the dreams they made together a reality. She wanted to keep her cherished memories and fulfil the promises they made to each other. So, on her 58th birthday as she looked down at the third finger of her left hand, she decided the day had come to see David and the team at David Fowkes Jewellery. Cheryl hadn’t made an appointment, but visited the gallery. David met with her and listened to her story: on that day, Cheryl commissioned a unique ring to be made.

She no longer wanted to look at the two wedding rings she had continued to wear side by side, along with her engagement ring and eternity ring. They held precious memories of happier times, which were no longer part of her life’s journey and were a constant reminder of her loss.

David explained that it would be a complex commission. Knowing the importance of keeping all the gold and diamonds together, he agreed to work on designs to create a single ring that Cheryl could wear on the third finger of her right hand, but on anniversaries and significant days could be again worn on the third finger of her left hand, her wedding finger.

To make the ring even more special and unique, Cheryl wanted to include a beautiful sparkling pink tourmaline. Pink was her husband’s favourite colour and she knew he would have loved the design and given his blessing to the piece they were co-creating.

Cheryl now has a fabulous ring and heirloom, which she says she has every intention of wearing daily. “This ring contains the loving memories of my past life, and also confirms my resilience and determination to keep our dreams alive, knowing John’s legacy stays with me as I continue my life’s journey. Memories born out of love are one of the most precious things we have, I know that more so now, and I just wish we had taken the time and opportunity to step into the showroom together instead of gazing through the window”.

The experience of creating this beautiful, very significant ring has been hugely pleasurable for all involved. David and Giles deeply enjoyed bringing Cheryl’s dreams alive, from the first moment of creating the initial designs through to the final polish and presentation of her ring.

“My sincere and heartfelt thanks go to David, Giles and the team at David Fowkes Jewellery who without their understanding, dedicated craftsmanship and commitment, it would not have been possible for me to entrust them to create unique design and beautiful ring that I wear with unconditional love”.

John Stollery was exceptionally proud to serve in the Parachute Regiment and, like his fellow Paras, gave so much so that we can have a safer future. David Fowkes is supporting Cheryl to fundraise for her chosen charity, “Support Our Paras”. If you too would like to show your appreciation and make a donation, full details can be found at:

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Wednesday 17 March, 2021