David Fowkes 20th Anniversary Celebration

Friday 5 July, 2024

The last weekend in June played host to the 20th anniversary of the opening of our Thoresby Gallery. In celebration there was a prize draw of 20 diverse offerings, 20 pieces of jewellery offered at a special price and probably around 20 bottles of champagne consumed!! 

With the event spanning over two days, our guests were welcomed in on the Friday evening to the sound of popping corks. While tea and coffee were the beverages of choice on Saturday morning as our clients and friends browsed our showcased items. With numbers steadily increasing throughout the day, the event began to kick off and Thoresby came alive with the hum of pleasant chatter. All of us at David Fowkes were delighted to see our guests—some old, some new, all familiar discussing purchases, both past and present—as well as the sharing of fond memories with other attendees. 

Thanks must be given for the support from the surrounding businesses at Thoresby Courtyard who each donated a prize to our draw which took place at 3pm. After a considerable amount of entries, our winners were announced and one person found themselves in the lucky position of winning the top prize; a voucher worth £500 towards a piece of their choosing. 

It is because of what we do here at David Fowkes that we are able to refer to all of our clients as friends. Our galleries—both Thoresby and Lincoln alike—are places we strive to make welcoming, a standard we know we achieve by the loyalty we see from everybody who comes back time and time again, even just to say hello. Our pieces, like our hospitality, are for life. Events such as this are a pleasure to put on, not just for us to celebrate—in this case the 20 year mark of Thoresby—but because we are able to reconnect with our friends and give them the opportunity to meet with others belonging the David Fowkes community. 

The gallery at Thoresby Courtyard

Virtual Gallery Tour

Wednesday 17 March, 2021