Handmade for You

Jewellery Handmade for You

Every piece of David Fowkes jewellery has its own evolutionary story. It begins with the client: they may wish to have a new piece of jewellery made, adapt their existing jewellery into an alternative style, or melt down their own gold to retain the sentimental value but create a new item that they can cherish.

Where new gemstones are required, the sourcing of the rough gemstone material is vitally important. David understand each client’s requirements and collaborates with specialist teams from across the globe to source the right gemstones. He always requires  a fine colour, rarity & exceptional quality.

The process of cutting gemstones involves a collaboration between David and a specialist artisan cutter in Germany. David and Alexander understand the material and have the unique ability to see the potential in each piece of rough. Creative, bold cutting with angular, asymmetric cuts create flashes of light. The cutting unveils the vibrancy and visual punch of the gems. In some cases, natural gem structure and inclusions are celebrated and become a key feature of the final piece. For other stones, including opals, a freeform cutting process enables the beauty of the stone to shine through.

The gemstone cutting is inspirational to the design of the jewellery. The distinctive style of cutting is reflected in the design of the jewellery. Shapes, lines & contours flow from the stone into the piece of jewellery: there is a symbiotic relationship between the gem and the mounting, and the jewellery has an intrinsic relationship with the gemstone.

Every piece of jewellery is hand manufactured, on site, in our workshops. Our goldsmiths are truly exceptional: their skills enable them to translate the designs and by combining traditional goldsmithing techniques with the latest laser technology, they create perfect pieces of jewellery that match the requirements of each and every client.

No two pieces of David Fowkes jewellery are the same. Each client works with our team to create a truly unique, elegant piece of jewellery that they cherish for a lifetime.


From concept.
To reality.