Our Jewellery Friend: Johnny Pawlik

Johnny Pawlik grew up in the Midlands and studied Political Philosophy at Oxford University. He and fellow student, Masatsugu Kuno, set up Mantra Media in 2015. With offices in Japan and Sheffield, they work with clientele from four continents and deliver digital marketing for businesses, charities and third sector organisations.

The strapline for Mantra Media is ‘driven by ethics’. Johnny experienced inequality during his childhood and as a result, he is motivated to give people a voice, an equal footing and opportunities to grow and develop both personally and professionally. This is exemplified in his organisation: the company will only work with like-minded brands who share their core values; all staff, irrespective of age, experience, role or background have an equally important voice and contribution to make to the organisation. 

Johnny is inspired, from a professional perspective, by seeing the creation and development of positive changes within communities. He likes to see creativity within all society’s areas which raise aspirations amongst all young people and those disadvantaged – increasing social mobility.   

Johnny’s one piece of business advice for a young entrepreneur is to be specific about what you want to achieve and how you’ll achieve it. You need a clear map of where you’re wanting to head and what the end goal is; you need a mass action plan to commit to.

Johnny has an exceptional sense of style. He is inspired by Vivian Westwood and Tom Ford; he especially likes Tom Ford for his smart and sophisticated style, also his fragrances are a must-have for Johnny and he tends to shop at ethically driven brands such as Muji. 

Johnny’s one style tip is less is more: don’t try too hard to make a statement. 

Johnny owns Vivian Westwood pieces and leather-based jewellery – mainly cufflinks and necklaces. His favourite piece was designed by an unknown Japanese designer and he appreciates it because the piece was handmade for him as a gift; a leather cuff bracelet with multiple stones integrated into the material. 

To relax and unwind, Johnny regularly attends the gym where he commits to training, doing weights and running in the evenings. He is also a massive reader of varied genres, such as Japanese literature, Philosophy and Financial aimed books. He’s currently studying from a Kanji book, where he’s learning how to write in the second form of the Japanese alphabet.

Johnny has spent time in our gallery at Thoresby, attended events and exhibitions, and worn our jewellery at high profile events. Johnny appreciates David Fowkes jewellery for the Avant-Gard yet polished approach to his design; David’s pieces are eye catching as the stunning intricacies of the stone settings and movement of shapes make his work stand out from any other. 


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