David Fowkes
David Fowkes jewellery design process David Fowkes


David’s mission is to enhance the beauty of his gemstones, creating pieces of jewellery that are desirable and valuable, yet ultimately wearable. David is supremely motivated to design unique, meaningful pieces:

“My passion for jewellery comes from the desire to focus on exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces, that would never be seen on the high street market: I create jewellery that has a unique identity, with sublime gemstones that tell their own story. I am immensely proud that not a single piece is reproduced.”

After completing compulsory education, David Fowkes undertook his academic studies in Liverpool, reading Silversmithing and Jewellery alongside Physical Education. He taught in school for two years, before deciding to leave the UK and explore the world by bicycle. Over seven years he travelled widely, experiencing the bustle of Istanbul, the grandeur of the Canadian Rockies and the open expanse of the Arctic Circle. David was fortunate to work with artisan jewellers across the globe, learning a vast array of techniques and processes. These experiences influenced the philosophy of design that we see in David’s work today.

On his return to the UK, David undertook a series of appointments with UK based jewellers and silversmiths to hone and refine his skills, before launching his own business in the late 1980’s. Over the last thirty years, David has drawn from his subsequent encounters and experiences to further develop a style of jewellery with a particular passion for the unconventional: perhaps a reflection of the route taken to become a goldsmith!

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