Commission: Inheritance Gifts

Inheritance gift pendants

A number of clients have decided to create a significant piece of jewellery for a loved one to inherit. This act of generosity allows the client to invest their time and money into creating a truly unique piece of jewellery, made perfectly for someone special to them. In one such case, a long-standing client initially felt that the deconstruction of a beautiful emerald and diamond brooch would support the creation of three new pieces of jewellery for their grandchildren to inherit.

When David saw the brooch, he immediately knew that this was the wrong course of action. The exquisite brooch was in fact a collectors item, and with the clients permission it was sent to auction.

Once it was sold, the client worked with David to create three sumptuous pieces of jewellery tailor-made for each grandchild. Over a 10 month period, David and the client worked together to develop the designs: this continued whilst the pieces were being handmade, enabling small alterations to be made to ensure the client was truly happy with each pendant.

The three pieces have been completed and we await the 21st birthday of each grandchild, who will undoubtedly be surprised and delighted with their beautiful inheritance gift.

From concept.
To reality.