Bespoke Services

Although our prime objective is the manufacture of new jewellery, we occasionally engage in bespoke services. This may range from the reinvention of an inherited heirloom to the restoration of an existing favourite.

If you would like to enquire or find out more about our bespoke jewellery services, please do get in touch.

Jewellery Reinvention

Many of us will have items of jewellery which might be hidden in a drawer, unworn but perhaps not unloved. This might be a family heirloom where sentiment is of prime importance; jewellery waiting to be given the ‘Fowkes’ makeover.
Metals can be melted down and used again, stones re-set, or even new ones added, all depending on the clients’ requirements for the piece of jewellery they have in mind. Each unique piece of David Fowkes Jewellery is made by hand, in our workshop, by our Goldsmiths. Our clients enjoy seeing their commission evolve, often contributing to design developments as appropriate. The final unveiling of their commission is a most memorable occasion: one that is never forgotten, as is evidenced by the testimonials we receive. Reinvent or contemporise the piece to create a next generation heirloom.


If you have a piece of jewellery you enjoy wearing but feel it’s in need of some new love, consider our remodel service. Perhaps the design is outdated or you would like an additional stone, we may be able to help in reinventing your piece into something you will wear and treasure again. Once we have assessed your jewellery in a relaxed design consultation, we will offer suggestions and ideas based around discussions and requirements. The David Fowkes team will then work closely with you in the development of your new piece. To enquire, message through the 'Contact' page or call the gallery 01623 823969.


Whilst our Goldsmiths are talented in the production of bespoke pieces, their skills translate into many aspects. We are often asked if we can repair or refresh an existing piece of jewellery that is loved and the answer is probably yes! Whether it’s a broken clasp, a worn ring or a broken claw, we offer an assessment and can quote based on the work required for many repairs and alterations. David Fowkes jewellery is made to last a lifetime: if your jewellery has not been made to the same high standards, or is not fit for wear, please do bring it to show us and we will be more than happy to help.


We often meet new clients who are experiencing difficulties with their existing jewellery for example: rings that are too large or too small. We are highly skilled in re-sizing rings and assessing jewellery pieces to ensure fit for wear and durability. If you require a little tweak here or there, please do get in touch, we are more than happy to advise.